How many stars are enough to rate an item?

Sometime back, I was faced with this question – Is there a right amount of stars in a star rating system which should be used to rate an item? Different websites use a different number of stars. For instance, imdb uses 10 stars to rate a movie, amazon, tripadvisor, and a million more use 5 […]


How to rank “things” based on votes?

Things can be anything; ideas, comments, images, videos, discussions, questions, answers, books, friends, relationships, movies, pizzas, game of thrones characters, and everything imaginable. If there is a way to solicit data about the “quality” of the thing in question, then that thing can be ranked. I will use the word “things” to mean anything that […]

Using Wilson’s algorithm to rank ideas

Part I This post if about the advantages and pitfalls and getting Wilson’s algorithm to get to work for ranking content on a content producing website. Spigit is a collaborative innovation platform in which people can a post ideas in response to a challenge and people can vote up/down on the ideas. Sometimes it is […]