My name is Manas Hardas. I currently work as a Product Data Scientist @ Mindjet (through merger with Spigit). I mostly work in Computational social science, link prediction and recommendation problems, social choice theory and wisdom of crowds. I try to design algorithms for reptuation, ranking, trending topics, sentiment analysis, among others.

Before that I was  a Phd student in Computer Science Dept at Kent State University. My area of research there was in Semantic and language networks and Text comprehension. Specifically I tried to understand how semantic networks grow in the short term memory when people read stuff and understand it.

Before that I was a Masters student in Computer Science at Kent State. There I tried to represented course knowledge in terms of ontologies and then use those representations to develop apps for course composition, problem assessment, answer assessment.

Before that I was an Computer Engineering student in Mumbai University. For my final year project we created a web interface to control oscilloscopes over a network. I wrote a paranoid like game in C which was my first experience with programming.


More later …


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