Setting up a Data science environment on Mac OSX

This guide describes my setup for doing data science and data analysis projects. It is comprehensive and not all packages and softwares are required to do basic stuff. However, you may not want to follow the guide exactly and can pretty much do whatever you want. I have a Macbook air with Yosemite, so everything in […]

Does algorithm preceed product feature or vice versa?

Sometime back I was face with the above question. What is more important – a feature that the product manager deems is super important or the algorithm which is used behind the screens which is directly affected by the inclusion of the feature. I will give you an example. Our product has the functionality to […]

How many stars are enough to rate an item?

Sometime back, I was faced with this question – Is there a right amount of stars in a star rating system which should be used to rate an item? Different websites use a different number of stars. For instance, imdb uses 10 stars to rate a movie, amazon, tripadvisor, and a million more use 5 […]

Using Wilson’s algorithm to rank ideas

Part I This post if about the advantages and pitfalls and getting Wilson’s algorithm to get to work for ranking content on a content producing website. Spigit is a collaborative innovation platform in which people can a post ideas in response to a challenge and people can vote up/down on the ideas. Sometimes it is […]

Entropy of a crowd network

A crowd can be represented as a complex network of people. The people are represented by nodes which are connected to each other by relationships or edges. These edges have different kind of semantics associated with them. For example, the relationship can be that of “friends” or “follows” etc. Many different kinds of networks can […]